Everyone needs to ask questions and get answers at work to get their jobs done, but it can be difficult to get the answers you need. Imagine if it was as easy as Googling the minds of your co-workers.

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar to show you how we share knowledge through questions and answers here at Atlassian using Confluence Questions. We heard from Jeremy Largman, Atlassian’s “knowledge guru” and the founder of Atlassian Answers, and me, John Wetenhall, product marketing lead for Confluence Questions.

We covered the following:

  • What Q&A platforms are and why they are effective for sharing knowledge
  • How we built an external Q&A community with Atlassian Answers
  • How we use Confluence Questions at Atlassian to extract, share, and retain knowledge through Q&A
  • How you can create an internal Q&A community at your company

Watch the recording and share it

If you’re interested in how to create and encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration at your company, this webinar is for you.



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Watch the webinar: How we share knowledge at Atlas...