Atlassian Summit 2013 was our biggest and best Summit yet!  As the most-used product in the Atlassian suite, the news and announcements surrounding Jira undoubtedly played a crucial role in the Summit 2013 excitement. Get your scrollin’ finger ready, because we have a lot of stuff to show you!  We’ll start with the highlights, and conclude by giving you a front seat at the Jira State of the Union.

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Announced: Jira Service Desk

Perhaps the biggest news from the Jira team was a brand new product called Jira Service Desk. Jira Service Desk is Atlassian’s newest offering, built specifically for internal IT teams. Jira Service Desk has many of the features that today’s IT teams need: a simple customer interface, service level agreements, and queue management. Best of all it’s built on top of Jira’s rich feature set for issue tracking.


Simple customer interface


Service level agreements within queues


Real-time reports


Improved: Jira for developers

The announcements surrounding Jira for software teams were equally exciting. New integrations between Jira and Stash make resolving issues a breeze, as developers can start their Git branch right from Jira and transition issues within Stash when they are complete. Development using Jira and Stash has never been simpler or more seamless.


Create your branch right from Jira Agile!


Finished work?  Close the Jira issue right from Stash!

Incoming: Jira for agile teams

The Jira Agile team has been busy behind the scenes as well. During Summit we saw a sneak peek from the upcoming release of Jira Agile 6.4. Agile is all about continuous improvement and the Jira Agile team is focused on delivering brand new reporting systems to help retrospectives come alive.


New reports make retrospectives come alive!


Built in guidance to help optimize your team.

Shipped: Jira 6.0 AND 6.1

Jira 6.0 was the biggest release of Jira ever. Jira 6 is modern, mobile, fast, and simple. Jira 6 includes amazing innovations like detail view to quickly triage issues, an all new mobile interface, and the inclusion of ADG, the Atlassian Design Guidelines. ADG touched every area of the products making a simpler and more beautiful Jira.


Detail view makes issue triage a snap!


Jira’s mobile interface keeps teams connected on the go.

Jira 6.1 continues to raise the bar by replacing the workflow designer with a fast, modern HTML 5 experience. We’ve made fields easier to work with, and result sets more flexible.

Want an even more in-depth glimpse into the state of Jira? Watch Bryan Rollins, Jira’s business manager, as he delivers the entire Jira State of the Union and talks about what Jira’s been, where it’s going, and why Jira is still the best tool in the world to help your software (and IT!) teams work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Hungry for even more? Check out the Confluence and Dev Tools State of the Union speeches at Summit! Ready to check out Jira Service Desk, Jira Agile, and all new code integration features?

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