It’s not just development teams that have the choice to go agile – Every team can, especially a marketing team.

Yesterday, two of our very own Atlassian Confluence product marketers, Matt Hodges and John Wetenhall, hosted a live webinar sharing Agile best practices for product marketing that they’ve learned over the years, including:

  • Agile basics like sprint management and retrospectives
  • Planning, communicating, and executing on quarterly goals
  • Making the best use of Jira, Confluence, and Jira Agile

Watch the recording, share it with your team

If you’re interested in the agile methodology or how to run a marketing team, this webinar is must see. Enjoy!

Do Agile Right webinar series

Yesterday’s webinar was the final part of a three-part webinar series about how Atlassian teams do agile. Check out the other webinars we hosted with members from the Confluence product management and engineering teams.

Lessons learned from an Atlassian product manager

Atlassian Confluence product managers, Sherif Mansour and John Masson, talk about:

  • When to write product requirements documents and when to seek alternatives
  • How to write effective product requirements documents
  • How to build prototypes when designing new features
  • Using Jira and Confluence for product management

Lessons learned from an Atlassian software engineer manager

Atlassian Confluence developers, Anatoli Kazatchkov and Edith Tom, cover:

  • Spiking new features and running shorter sprints
  • Running frequent demos, Dogfooding, and shipping frequently
  • Empowering developers, open communication, and continuous improvement
  • Using Jira and Confluence for Agile software development

Watch the Do Agile Right webinar – Lessons learned from an Atlassian marketing manager