This is a guest blog from Ryan Butters, VP of Sales and Marketing for Lucidchart, a vendor in the Atlassian Marketplace and makes of Lucidchart for Confluence.

Lucidchart is proud to announce a free Visio Viewer plugin for Confluence. The viewing functionality is bundled with our diagramming application, but you won’t need to pay a cent in order to use and enjoy the Visio Viewer. Now your entire organization can view Microsoft Visio files in a cloud-based, easy-to-use, completely free format. And since the Viewer is powered by our exclusive technology, it supports .vsd, .vsdx, and .vdx file types, just like the web version of Lucidchart.

Visio for Confluence File List

As we’ve told Atlassian users before, Lucidchart is committed to developing innovative, cutting-edge features that simplify your work. Our latest change is designed to enhance the wiki of every Confluence user, whether they have a Lucidchart account or not. If your company doesn’t have enough Visio licenses to go around, this viewer is an ideal way to provide cross-platform compatibility. It works seamlessly on any operating system and with any modern browser.

To install the plugin, just click here or navigate to Lucidchart’s listing in the Atlassian Marketplace, then download as you would any other plugin.

To use the Visio Viewer:

  1.  Within a Confluence page, click the “View Visio File” button in the left-hand toolbar to view a list of all Visio files attached to that page.
  2.  A list of all attached Visio files will appear. Select the desired file.
  3.  A new browser tab will open with a read-only web view of the selected diagram.
  4.  To save or edit the file, click the “Import” button within the new tab to provision a trial account in Lucidchart.

Visio Viewer Confluence UI

To access the tangible benefits of visual communication among your team, you can also utilize the full Lucidchart plugin. It’s an easy, affordable way to create and insert diagrams within your Confluence environment. Plus, we’re the only diagramming application that offers a full suite of Visio compatibility tools, including Visio stencil import, native Visio import and export, and browser-based Visio viewers that can be used anywhere on the web.

The Visio Viewer functionality is a smaller part of the complete Lucidchart plugin, so if you’ve downloaded that portion, you’re well on your way to using the full plugin for your team. Simply click the “Lucidchart Plugin Configuration” link on the left-hand panel of the “Manage Add-ons” page, then follow the directions. For complete instructions, see here. If you’re already using the plugin, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version to access the Visio Viewer. Feel free to email if you have any trouble.

Happy Diagramming!

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