Does upgrading Atlassian products have you singing the blues? Are you tired of checking plugin compatability? Is testing new versions taking way to much time? Not to worry! Appfire is here!

Today, we hosted a webinar with Appfire about their Upgrade Assistant for Jira and Confluence.

Randall Ward, co-founder of Appfire, walked us through how the Upgrade Assistant plugins for Confluence & Jira transform the challenging process of Atlassian upgrades into an easy wizard anyone can use. The Upgrade Assistant for Confluence (UAC) and Jira (UAJ) guide you through an easy step-by-step process to quickly upgrade your Atlassian deployment to a newer version.

The wizard-based process helps you to select a recommended new Atlassian release, follow a clear set of activities and then automate your upgrade. Just restart, test, and your done!

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Video: Upgrade Assistant for Jira & Confluence...