Hot on the heels of our recent acquisition of Sysbliss, we held a webinar which showcased the Bamboo Release Management plugin.

The Bamboo Release Management plugin combines the version management of Jira with the automated build capabilities of Bamboo to complete your release workflow. The plugin lets you integrate Bamboo and Jira to create an automated process for ongoing development, testing, and release. It really helps automate manual tasks of updating Jira issues when Bamboo builds are released—a huge time-saver!

At the core is the ability to connect your Bamboo continuous integration server to Jira during a build to determine which Jira version to label a build as. This means that you can manage version labels simply by using Jira’s version management system.

We are happy, and lucky, to have the founder of the plugin, Jonathan Doklovic, join Atlassian and share his knowledge with us. The video below includes a presentation by Jonathan and one of his long-time customers, Kevin Behrens, who explains his use of the plugin. There is a long Q&A towards the end of the video.

Watch the video now:

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