I got a call today from a customer who asked how he can get additional statistics from Confluence. Is there a plugin that gives data on most popular wiki pages, most active users, what pages do new users visit first, etc.?
Two thoughts here: First, a new Activity Tracking plugin shipped with Confluence 2.3, which extended the reporting capabilities built into Confluence. Statistics for use of each space can be found through the Activity tab. Second, you can use your website analytics software to get even greater depth.
We use Omniture SiteCatalyst on our website and on other sites that we manage, including one of our wiki-based extranets. By placing SiteCatalyst’s javascript tracking code on every page of the site (via Custom HTML in Confluence’s site admin) we get a lot of useful data.

(Screen grab from Confluence Admin)

Some of the data that a web analytic system provides you with includes things like most downloaded files, paths through the site, most popular pages, etc. I think one of the real benefits, however, is the graphing and statistics-generating capabilities that are native to a web analytics platform.
The customer I spoke to today also happens to use Omniture. There are many good analytics systems to choose from, quite a few are free these days, too. Not to endorse Omniture necessarily, but one of the things I like about it is that we can add as many websites to SiteCatalyst as we want. Within SiteCatalyst, we can configure multiple suites (e.g., www.atlassian.com and confluence.atlassian.com are considered different suites), which might include regular websites, blogs, wikis, etc.
The only real challenge for any of this is that between upgrades, the Custom HTML in Confluence can get wiped clean, so you have to train your IT folks to remember to reinsert the code after upgrading the system.

(A report from SiteCatalyst)

A final thought on this: there’s no such thing as statistics overload when it comes to watching your website or wiki traffic and usage. Any developers out there who want to take a crack at Codegeist but need ideas can visit the Plugin Wishlist page. Some of the plugins that are on the list have already been developed. However, in Codegeist, the judges also consider plugin improvement submissions, and there are many ideas for improving the Usage Stats Plugin.

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