This is a short excerpt from an Anywhere blog posting entitled Using Jira to Manage Releases:

I’ve been using Jira issue tracker for some years now for software development. I’ve also helped to roll it out at several client sites, which has given me the opportunity to see the different ways of approaching the issues of release versioning and dealing with workload and build cycles that have to hit hard deadlines.

These days I’ve hit on what I think is the nicest way to approach it. Jira’s excellent Roadmap view is king here. It shows you the status of issues assigned to different fix-for versions. You can view the next 3 unreleased versions on one page, or have it show you all unreleased versions. The key thing here is that it only shows issues that have a fix-for version, and then only for versions that have not been marked released.

Read the full post and Marc’s feature suggestions for the Jira Roadmap.

Using Jira to manage releases...