Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a drink, and sit back for Atlassian user group presentations. We’ve compiled video from the Boston and Palo Alto events.

Scott Farquhar
opened both user groups with a presentation about Atlassian, describing the company’s history and the products we’ve developed. In Cambridge, his presentation was followed by Carter Snowdon at MIT (discussing the use of Confluence on campus) and Francois Beauregard at Pyxis Technology (Francois’ video is forthcoming due to some encoding issues). There’s also Frank Price, Accurev, who gave a talk about the uses of Jira at Accurev and how Jira is integrated with their SCM products, and Stewart Mader, Atlassian’s intrepid wiki evangelist, on adoption patterns of wikis in organisations.
In Palo Alto, at Stanford University, Jeffrey Walker, president at Atlassian, opened the user group, followed by Scott, and then a slew of customers. First up was Ned Lerner at Sony who talked about the uses of both Jira and Confluence for video game development and design. My memory is a bit fuzzy now, but I believe Jeff Calado at Apple spoke next on some tips for using Confluence, including how it can be used to capture knowledge from email. Chris Kolhardt, Gliffy, gave one of the most provocative presentations of the day of the Gliffy plugin.
That was followed by Joanna Thurmann on how Polycom are using Jira to track tens of thousands of issues (thanks, too, goes to Joanna for leading much of the birds-of-a-feather group on advanced Jira uses). Matt Doar, Consulting Toolsmiths, gave a presentation on how he’s helped customers configure Jira for unit testing and more. Last formal presentation of the day was from Atlassian’s Josh Wold on different solutions users have created with Jira and Confluence.
Last, but not least, there are many short interviews we did with customers, an analyst, and each other (that’s what happens when you have a camera, microphone, alcohol, and a lot of talkative people!). Click the links above for individual presentations, or see them all here.