palo_alto_AUG.jpg More photos from the Palo Alto user group!
Yesterday’s Palo Alto user group was a great success. Of the 80 RSVPs, a little over 60 people attended, and in addition there were a dozen folks from Atlassian there. The presentations from Sony Computer Entertainment, Polycom, Apple, Consulting Toolsmiths and Gliffy were first rate and had people talking during the break, birds-of-a-feather breakouts, and mixer afterwards (and I don’t mean to leave out Atlassian’s presentations from Scott and Josh — great stuff!).
The Atlassian staff learned a lot from our customers. We really appreciated the candid feedback on things they loved about our products and features they wanted to see fixed or added. There were also things we could have done better: the room was packed with people, it got way too hot, we should have served snacks the moment people walked in at 1pm, and we probably should have inserted a short break between the customer presentations to give everyone more time to stretch and mix. And what was with the cabbage leaf and cream cheese appetizers? Did we actually pay $3 for each of those?
From what I heard, the Cambridge user group at M.I.T. went well, too. The mixer afterwards was located off campus, which made it difficult for some people to attend. Next time we’d like to have more customers present their solutions as well. These are all great things to learn for the next user groups (TBD).
There is a lot of presenter video from both user groups that we’ll be putting online over the next couple weeks; I will blog about it here as it becomes available. If you had attended either event, you will be receiving a survey for feedback on how we can improve user groups in the future, but also feel free to comment here.
Thanks again to everyone for attending and making these meetings successful!

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