A couple of weeks ago we held the Sydney Atlassian User Group. As always, we had a great turn out with over 40 attendees. In past user groups we would usually have a mix of customer presentations, Atlassian product updates and would break up into Birds of Feathers sessions.

This user group, we decided to mix it up a little bit with a question and answer panel.  On the panel we had a wide range of Atlassian representatives, ranging from our SaaS Architect, Developers, Build Engineers and Product Managers. In fact, the panel just grew throughout the night – if you were in the audience and you answered a question, we brought you up on the panel! We even ran out of space in the end so Bryce Johnson sat on Josh Graham‘s lap (they both said afterwards that it was an “awesome experience”!).

We started off the night with the usual pizza, beer some gourmet cheese and lots of mingling. As people were chatting, we had a wall up where people could ask a question. All they would simply do is write a question on a card and blue-tack it onto the wall. After Douglas Butler‘s presentation on OnDemand and a few more beers, we brought everyone together and began the Q&A panel.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  • Scrum vs Kanban?
    What do you use? In what scenario would you use Scrum vs Kanban?
  • SharePoint vs Confluence or Confluence and SharePoint?
    We discussed peoples experiences with SharePoint and Confluence. We heard from customers running both and what their thoughts were. We also discussed the two working together.
  • Continuous deployment challenges
    We heard from a lot of teams sharing the different challenges they faced with continuous deployment. For example, we heard multiple customers were having challenges in documenting release notes in a continuous deployment environment.
  • Measuring and tracking application performance?
    We spoke about different techniques of measuring performance impact of changes, in particular, as part of your build process.
  • Confluence 4.0
    With the recent release of Confluence 4.0, people wanted to hear other peoples experiences with the new editor and share how they found it helping or hindering adoption.
  • Atlassian OnDemand questions
    With the recent announcement of Atlassian OnDemand, we had a lot questions about the new service. A lot of these questions can also be found in our FAQ

We had a great night, not just hearing from panelists, but a lot of attendees – both customers and partners shared their experiences. Thanks, Dhyana for organising such a great night!

Attending an Atlassian user group? Or running another user group?

Why not consider sharing your experiences by joining a Q&A panel? It’s a great way to meet other teams and organisations looking to share and learn from each other. If you attend an Atlassian user group hassle your user group organiser for a Q&A panel. Lastly if you are new to Atlassian and are looking for a user group you can find one near you.

Running a User Group? Mix it up with a Q&A Pan...