Tommi Rantanen published some sobering thoughts on the topic of Finland: not the promised land of technology on his Endless lesson blog (nice title, by the way). What caught my eye was the reference to a PDF from USC on their use of Confluence campus-wide. The PDF is a case study published by Educause.
Some great nuggets of information on how a wiki is being used on campus.

How is it used?

  • Student journaling
  • Personal portfolios
  • Collaborative knowledge base
  • Research coordination and collaboration

Why a wiki?

  • Expand critical thinking, self-reflection, faculty mentorship, and service learning beyond the boundaries of a specific course, a particular discipline, and a single semester.
  • Team-based learning
  • Social potential of online social networks
  • Greater opportunities for collaboration

What’s noteworthy?

  • Supports a wide range of pedagogical uses
  • The entire process of selecting collaborative technology was itself a collaborative process between faculty, students, and research groups
  • It’s created some replicable practices on campus

What I found to be equally intriguing was the way faculty tied wiki participation to students’ final grades. I think that’ll be the next pattern and use case on Wikipatterns!
You can read the entire PDF case study here.

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