In my last post, we talked about the new Jira Project Configuration prototype plugin which demonstrates our designs for a new user interface for managing Jira projects. Since then, we’ve been hard at work extending the prototype to show off our new
approach to configuring your Jira projects.

Check out what’s new

Select_Workflow.pngWe’re happy to announce
we’ve recently released further improvements to the Project Configuration prototype plugin.

In the latest version, we show off our design for editing some of your project settings with the prototype, such as:

  • Selecting different workflows for an issue type
  • Picking screens to use for operations and transitions for different issue types
  • Editing screens
  • Editing field settings

There are still several settings we have not addressed yet, but you should be able to get a feel for most of the new controls.


Please note the prototype plugin is still read-only. These new functions are mocked for demonstration purposes only. No updates will be saved, which means you can play around with it out risk free!

Let us know what do you think

Have you tried the prototype yet? If not, just search the Universal Plugin Manager for the Project Configuration prototype or head on over to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange, where you can download our prototype plugin. 


Of course, we would love to hear your feedback. We are also currently conducting a Project Configuration Survey on some specific aspects of the prototype and would love to get your input. The survey should only take a couple of minutes but would immensely help us with the design. Thank you!

Updated Jira Project Configuration Prototype