It’s not a true package, but Ivar Abrahamsen has put together a page explaining how he made a shell script for Ubuntu that does all the Jira installation work for you.
Beyond the basic installation experience, Ivar also threw in some commands to make the Jira file locations compatible with the Linux Foudation’s Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

From Ivar

Ivar’s motivation:

Downloading the standalone version of Jira works very well. Atlassian has very thorough documentation of every step and issue possible.
But I want to be different… I just like the idea of Ubuntu/debian’s package system and obeying the FHS recommendation of file locations etc.
So I decided to modify the download from Atlassian like this:…

A caveat

I have made a very crude attempt on a script to do all this. Do not use it in a production environment, as it does no checking, assumes installation exactly like mine etc.

To read more about his process and get the script for yourself, head to Ivar’s page.

In the future

But the best would be perhaps if Atlassian made a proper .deb package instead?!

Hold tight…this is on Atlassian’s radar.

Ad hoc Jira installation package for Ubuntu