Valiantys, an Atlassian partner, just made us aware of two new plugins they’ve providing for free under a BSD license. Both plugins, which coincidentally look very useful, are now available on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Branch Remover Plugin

Remove Branch.pngThe Branch Remover plugin (see right) allows the space administrators and all authorized contributors to delete a whole branch of pages in the space. You just select the page from which you wish to remove the branch pages, then delete the branch.

Copy Partial Space Plugin

The Copy Partial Space plugin lets space administrators create an entirely new space based on any part of a given space. I can see this plugin being useful for having “multi-page templates.” For example, say you find yourself creating a space with the same 8 pages every time you start a new project. The Copy Partial Space plugin is perfect for saving yourself the trouble of creating each page manually every time…just copy those pages over to a new space each time you start a project.

Check Them Out

These are nice complements to the new page move improvements implemented in Confluence 3.1 and Confluence 3.2. There are also some other Confluence plugins on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange, like the Descendant Notification Plugin from Adaptivist, to help you manage page hierarchies.
Check them out and let us know what you think. Or better yet, write a review!

About Valiantys: VALIANTYS is a software consulting company specialising in ALM tools integration and software validation methodologies. VALIANTYS operates from Toulouse, Paris, and Madrid.

Two new FREE Confluence plugins to check out