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If your company is like Atlassian, you have a Confluence space for every department where employees can go to get more information about the teams they work with. For example, you may have a HR space where employees can go to find information about benefits, paid leave, policies, etc. Or you may have a development space where software developers can go to learn about tooling and processes.

These kinds of spaces often have a FAQ section that can get out of date quickly. With the latest release of Confluence Questions, however, you can now embed a list of questions for a given topic onto a page using the questions list macro. Anyone can browse questions related to that space and even ask additional questions, right from the page itself.

For example, on the Talent space shown below, (Talent is what we call HR here at Atlassian), we’ve embedded a list of questions from the Talent topic. Employees browsing the space can immediately see the most popular questions in the Talent topic.

questions list macro
Display dynamic questions in your page

Choose how many questions you want to display and what type – popular, unanswered, or recent. And if the question an employee is looking for isn’t listed, he or she can ask their question directly from the page. Confluence will automatically apply the topic, and notify the people watching that topic that a new question has been asked so that they can provide the answer.

ask questions inline
Ask questions inline

Get started with Confluence Questions

With the new questions list macro, you can now turn a static Confluence page into a dynamic Q&A forum.

Download customers: Download the latest version of Confluence Questions from the Atlassian Marketplace. Requires Confluence 5.3 or later.

OnDemand customers: If you already have Confluence Questions for OnDemand, you’ve been auto-upgraded.

New to Confluence? Start a free trial of Confluence and Confluence Questions today.

Want to learn more?

Come to our 30-minute webinar on March 26th, How we do it: Sharing knowledge at Atlassian with Confluence Questions to learn how to create a Q&A community for your company.

Turn your static home page into a dynamic Q&A forum