Confluence 4.0 has been released. Click here to learn more.

We are super-excited to announce that this week’s Confluence 4.0 EAP release includes a shiny new guided installer for both Windows and Linux, similar to the the Jira installer we recently released.

If you’ve ever installed Confluence before you’d know that you had to put on your technical hat to complete a multitude of manual configurations. We understood that this was not a good experience for many of our customers and we’ve been hard at work building a new installer that provides a better user experience for anyone that wants to install Confluence. As the video below demonstrates, we’ve thrown the manual configurations out the window and completely redesigned the install process with a simple and easy to use install wizard.

We have continued to use Intelli4J to build the Confluence installer, just as we did for the Jira installer. Once again we would like to say a big thank you to the guys over at E-J Technologies for all of their support.

New Installer Features

Our guided install packages for both Windows and Linux now support the following features:

  • Guided installer:The guided install wizard has been implemented for Confluence 4.0 on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Installing a new instance is a breeze.
  • Windows UAC support: You will be prompted for elevated privileges in order to permit the full array of install options.
  • New instance vs Upgrade selection: You can choose to install a new instance or upgrade an existing instance (the upgrade capability will be available in a subsequent release).
  • Install & Home directory selection: Default folders are provided depending on the user being an admin/root or standard user (based on respective OS write permissions).
  • Port selection: The ports in Confluence have changed! If you’ve already installed Jira, you’ll no longer have to manually change the running port. The default running port is now 8090 with the control port at 8009.
  • Install as a service: Assuming you have elevated privileges, you have the option on both Windows and Linux to install Confluence as a service. This is practical for production instances.
  • Evaluation license generation: As a recap we added a simplified workflow in Confluence 3.5 to assist in generating licenses for evaluators.

Faster, Easier Jira Integration

We know that a lot of you are already using Jira or have installed Jira before trying Confluence. To make your lives easier we’ve made it possible for you to connect to Jira for user management in the Confluence Setup Wizard. Now you can manage all your users in one place, and your users can use a single username and password to login to both applications.


Creating this connection to Jira for user management also creates an Application Link making available a number of integration features as shown in the video below.

Upgrade Installer Coming Soon

To continue the theme of exciting news, the Confluence 4.0 upgrade capable installer will be released to the EAP program next month. We would love to you to try both the guided installer and upgrade capable installer (when it’s available) in a non-production environment and send us all of your feedback.

Finally, we’re hoping to get Confluence 4.0 in your hands by the end of the year – be sure to mark it in your diaries!

Try the new guided installer for Confluence!...