The new Jira InProduct Translation plugin, which lets you translate Jira items on the fly, is now available in beta! Simply select “Translate Page” from your profile menu and start translating. Translated items are immediately visible to all Jira users with that particular language selected. We built this plugin with two audiences in mind:

  • If any of your Jira users primarily speak a language other than English
  • If Jira’s English interface is 98% right, but you’d like to change the name of just a few fields or items

The best part about using the new InProduct Translation plugin is that translations appear in context, so you can see changes as you make them and get things just right. Tweak field names to your hearts content, and empower international teams to set up Jira in whatever way works best for the local language. Check it out!

Plugin Highlights:

  • Access Management: control which groups can translate Jira
  • Instant updates: translations are saved automatically and appear immediately for all users
  • Mouse-hover: items turn green to let you know they are translatable
  • Translate Page: select from your username drop-down

Get it Today

Note: This plugin is in beta and should not be used on a production Jira instance. We are very excited about the possibilities and want to get feedback straight from you, our Jira users with internationalization and translation needs! Tell your Jira administration to install InProduct Translation beta from the Jira Plugin Manager, and provide feedback in Marketplace!

Plugin beta: start translating Jira on the fly...