Train rides are boring, especially when they take half an hour. What could be more fun then writing Confluence plugins to kill some time?
A couple days ago I stumbled upon a neat little piece of javascript which based on prototype and scriptaculous makes slideshows look pretty money. Since our gallery macro slideshow is useful but far from perfect, I decided to write up a new plugin which utilizes that script. After two train rides and an hour at home the image slideshow plugin was ready to be unleashed.
Some nice CSS and JS magic will fade the background dark and display the images in the center of the screen. The next and previews button will automatically appear if you mouse over to the left or right side of the image and also pressing the keys “p” and “n” will let you navigate through the slideshow.
The parameters available to pass to the macro are the same like the ones for the existing gallery, so all of the attributes will work the same way.
And this is how it looks like:
Try it yourself, go to the Thumbnail gallery and click on one of the images when the loading of the page is complete.
PS: IE is not supported yet, but it degrades nicely and still provides the old slideshow link at the top as an alternative.

Train Rides and Image Slideshows