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If you’re not too familiar with wikis, you’d probably assume you just viewed a typical ol’ website. If you are familiar with wikis, you might have an inkling that this is one. The truth is that this website is, indeed, a wonderful example of Confluence (our wiki) re-skinned.

Our co-founder and CEO, Scott Farquhar first brought it to our attention in a personal space blog on our company extranet (which is also powered by Confluence). Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and CEO, also blogged about it on his public-facing blog, “rebelutionary“. Personally, I love seeing all the different ways Confluence is re-skinned, and I can speak for many of my co-workers, too.
Here are some more examples of Confluence redesigned:
National Constitution Day
Adaptivist, another one of our great partners
We’re working on putting a more complete list of creative redesigns or re-skins of Confluence on our website. If you know of any other examples, please comment on this entry. We’d love to include them!

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