In anticipation of our pending Confluence 3.1 release we’re offering a special deal to everyone stuck in with an old, out-of-date wiki. Today we’re announcing Cash for Clunkers – Confluence Edition. From now until December 11, 2009, you can trade in your wiki, team site or any other collaboration clunker in exchange for either:

  • A free 10-user Confluence license or
  • 20% off a new Confluence license

You’ll also be entered in our Cash for Clunkers competition…The four best trade-in stories will win a donation of USD $1,000 to a charity of your choosing plus a brand new Amazon Kindle just for you.

Four prize categories

There are four prizes so your chances of winning are pretty good. We’re
awarding prizes to trade-in stories in each of the following categories:

  • Most money saved – current software costing you an arm and a leg?
  • Best rant – Does your current wiki have you seeing red?
  • Don’t try this at home – Is your wiki a bunch of duct-taped together JSP pages?
  • Most creative story – Do you have a creative writing degree and need a new wiki?

Top 10 reasons you know it’s time to trade-in your current model

  1. Your team has meetings to talk about reducing the number of meetings
  2. Your wiki constantly loses page edits when your browser crashes
  3. You use SharePoint and everyone complains about its wiki
  4. Your team’s idea of collaboration entails emailing documents back and forth
  5. The most recent search result on your company intranet is dated July 2002
  6. You have to email the Webmaster to update your company intranet
  7. Three teams in your company are working on the same project and don’t even realize it
  8. You frequently find yourself cc’d on long emails along with 15 other people
  9. Your wiki came bundled with an Enterprise 2.0 business suite with 40 other tools
  10. Not everyone in your company is an XHTML / CSS wizard

You’ve been #clunked

Here’s how you can trade-in your collaboration clunker for ‘cash’:

  • Upload a screenshot of your clunker and tell us why you are trading it in.
  • Pick a free 10-user license of Confluence or 20% off Confluence
  • We’ll review your submission and send you your free 10-user license or 20% discount coupon code.
  • Each submission is entered into our contest, with a chance to win one of four US $1,000 charitable donations and four Amazon Kindles.

Learn more about the program and the competition, and cash in your clunker now!

Trade in Your Clunky Old Wiki for a Free Confluenc...