Did you know Australia’s Internet penetration is about 70%? Ditto for the U.S. I’d say that’s not too shabby…readily connected, actually.
With such a high Internet use-to-population percentile, the next thing to consider is how is it supported and what has been developed during this Internet-age. In the States you have lots of web companies, particularly in the Silicon Valley. Lots in Australia, too — though you might not have guessed it. Here’s a quick rundown of the top Aussie web 2.0 applications put together by Vishal Sharma and Richard MacManus. Check it out. Probably some there that you didn’t know were Australian. Definitely some worth learning more about. Happy reading!
Yes, in case you didn’t know, Atlassian is an Australian company. We’re happy and proud to share this list of fellow Aussie 2.0 companies!

Top Web Apps in Australia...