The reasons

  1. The best damn enterprise wiki is served up your way… shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or the most popular behind-the-firewall edition
  2. is a free resource to help you make it successful
  3. Wikipatterns the book has been published!


The book
For months, Stewart — who sits across from me in the office — toiled on this book, which was published late last month by Wiley. Looks like the effort has paid off!

  • Thinking about starting a wiki in your company but not sure how to convince your boss?
  • Already in the process of setting up a wiki but want some concrete ideas for how to make it successful?
  • Want to take your wiki from 100 users to 1000?

Wikipatterns is a good place to start.
While the book naturally includes some examples of successful implementations of Confluence, it also includes many examples of other successful wikis.
And is a great free resource, too.

An offer
We’re giving out 10 free copies of the book! To get one, you need to (1) comment below that you want one (e.g., “yes, please” or “gimme gimme” both work as responses) and (2) send us an email with your snailmail address.
UPDATE: Wow! That competition ended much faster than I had anticipated! Thanks to everyone for responding. The books have been ordered and will be send to you soon.
Didn’t get a free copy? You can find it on or we may have some when we hold our San Francisco office open house in February or March (keep watching this blog for more details about this soon).

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