We have recently been talking to lots of customers about the main reasons why they decided to GO Jira. Whether they switched to Jira from an old bug tracker or just started up a new project, we found the same reasons came up again and again.

Custom workflows have been quite powerful with Jira. Out of the box, the tool works well. You can put it in front of anyone and they can figure it out.

Top reasons to GO Jira

Here are the top 5 reasons why our customers decide to GO Jira:

  1. Polished User Experience – Create, update, and work through issues using a fast and intuitive web interface with lightning-quick keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Customizable Workflows – Use the visual workflow designer to map your existing processes and make it simple to apply incremental improvements.
  3. Jira offered more out of the box from what we got with Bugzilla. We love the Dashboards, flexibility and reporting.Search and Reporting – Choose from loads of pre-built project reports and use Jira’s Query Language (JQL) with simple autocomplete to build ad hoc queries.
  4. Flexible Agile Planning – Use GreenHopper for Jira to build a virtual card wall, manage your backlog, plan sprints, and track team progress.
  5. Easy-to-use Importers – Built-in importers make it simple to migrate issues – as well as  projects, users, custom fields and more – from your old bug tracker.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… we know there are plenty of other reasons out there that made you GO Jira and Go GreenHopper.

Tell us what made you GO Jira

If you switched from an old bug tracker to Jira, we’d love for you to tell us why. Let us know by tweeting the #1 reason you decided to #GO_Jira:

[THIS IS] why I ditched [MY OLD BUG TRACKER] to #GO_Jira http://atlss.in/GoJira

Did you Go GreenHopper too?

Tell us why you decided to #GoGreenHopper:

[THIS IS] why I decided to #GoGreenHopper http://atlss.in/GoGreenHopper


Why did you GO Jira?...