Plugin checkup, that is. We announced this at AtlasCamp a few weeks ago, but somehow forgot to blog about it… so here it is. is live!

The Atlassian Plugin Checkup is a simple tool that give plugin developers the ability to validate a plugin against a wide array of Atlassian products/versions. The checkup will check your plugin for usage of product APIs that are either not available, deprecated, or private. This will make it easier for you to identify which parts of your plugin code will need to be updated for a targeted version of a particular product.

Atlassian Plugin Checkup - Report

To validate your plugin with the tool, you’ll need to upload your plugin jar then pick a product/version to check it against. When the validation is complete, the tool will provide you a report (with a permanent link to the report) which serves as a handy reference when you’re working on cleaning up your plugin.

We hope this tool is useful to those of you who write plugins. If you’ve got feedback or suggestions, please submit them below…

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