Many enterprises around the world are facing a new challenge brought about by the modern development age — moving from a centralized version control system, such as Subversion, to a distributed version control system, such as Git.

SVN to Git

This post isn’t to rant on the benefits of DVCS over CVCS (faster working with code, advanced workflows, and lightweight branching and merging). This post isn’t to debate the benefits of various DVCS options, such as Git vs Mercurial.

This post is to say to those who are preparing to make the move to DVCS, but want to know more about what’s involved and how to do it.  We’ve been there and we’re here to help.  

At Atlassian we recently went through our own migration, moving the Jira codebase from SVN to Git. Jira is a decent size code base to move – 11 year’s worth of history, 47,228 commits across approximately 21,000 files, averaging about 30 different committers during a two-week period. Our migration, just like anyone’s, had to balance technical challenges (cloning repositories, moving infrastructure, etc) with the vital and often neglected human side of things (training teams, regularly communicating progress, etc). While any change of this magnitude is difficult, our migration was complicated by the need to minimize interference with active development due to a major product release on the horizon!

In the end, the migration was a resounding success; it took us 14 days in total, with only a total of two hours where developers were unable to commit code. Thanks to Git we now use branches as a core part of our development workflow, which has allowed us to shorten our release cycles so we now release major products to the cloud every 2 weeks.

If you’re preparing to move to DVCS, come to Atlassian Summit to hear Stefan Saasen (development lead for Stash) who is presenting “True Git: the Great Migration.” Stefan will share best practices based on Atlassian’s real-world experience migrating our own code base, and war stories from customers around the world. At Summit you can also meet with our team of experts to discuss the specific challenges and obstacles your company faces, and design the migration plan best for you.

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Can’t make it to Summit, but want to learn more about how Atlassian migrated Jira to Git? Check out our three-part blog post from earlier this year.

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