Whether you were at Summit or watched from the sidelines, you’ve probably already heard about the Atlassian Marketplace. If not, no worries. The Atlassian Marketplace is an app store where you can buy and sell add-ons to enhance Atlassian products in powerful ways.

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If you’re a developer, the Marketplace is your fastest path to delivering your awesome add-on to Atlassian’s over 20,000 customers. Before the Marketplace, we had the Plugin Exchange which allowed you to distribute your add-on, but if you wanted to sell it, you were on your own. With the Marketplace, you don’t need to set up your own e-commerce solution or payment gateway just to sell your add-on. The Marketplace makes it easy for you to implement a payment and licensing strategy that’s similar to Atlassian’s — making the experience even more familiar to Atlassian customers.

Did you know the vast majority of add-ons that exist today aren’t being shared outside the walls of existing Atlassian instances? There are lots of developers who have built add-ons to satisfy a team or personal requirement but have never bothered to share it with anyone else. Maybe there wasn’t any motivation to share it or they simply didn’t know of a place to share it. The Marketplace is that place. If you have an add-on that you built but haven’t shared, consider sharing it on the Marketplace. Sharing is good. You don’t have to sell it — you can simply share it as a free and/or open source add-on. If you decide to open source it, others can help you improve upon it. If you decide to sell it, you have all the tools you need.

How to get an add-on into the market

“What’s next” you ask? Getting your add-on listed in the Marketplace is incredibly easy. Just create a new listing by providing us a bit of info about your add-on. Once you submit it, we look it over, verify a few things, approve it, then “BAM!”, you’re on the Marketplace. If you plan to sell it, you just need to follow this guide to add the licensing API to your add-on.

Read more to learn how to get started with the Marketplace.

Get marketing love for free

If you decide to sell your add-on on the Marketplace, we may feature your app on the Marketplace or blog about it here on atlassianblog.wpengine.com. Reach out to us if you’d like to propose a case study, event, media opportunity, or a blog post.

Participate in Codegeist

Codegeist is our annual add-on development competition. This year we’re giving out $45,000 USD in cash prizes. The contest is running from now until July 16th, 2012. If you build an add-on, make sure you enter to qualify for a prize.

There’s an add-on for that....