Winner: The Community Favourite Wallboard

Congratulations to Gert-Jan van de Streek from Avisi for being voted the Community Favourite Wallboard winner in the Ultimate Wallboard contest.

Despite entering the contest late, Gert-Jan’s wallboard racked up 305 votes.  His wallboard is definitely impressive, boasting a slick design for real-time stats and status across all teams and all projects. Data is integrated from Jira, GreenHopper and several other systems.  The wallboard even features Arduino-powered LED backlighting to notify team members when issues come up and get resolved; thereby avoiding “wallboard blindness”.

Check out the video and Avisi Walle-d wallboard for all the details:


As the Community Favourite, Gert-Jan wins a 40″ HDTV for his team to setup a second information radiator in the office.

A two-horse race

To say the race for the Community Favourite Wallboard was “close” is a gross understatement. Matt Satorius’ wallboard from Willow Creek Production Systems ensured it would be a photo finish.  After establishing an early lead in the contest, Matt’s entry — with 303 votes — was caught at the line by a mere 2 votes.  Both Matt and Gert-Jan got over 100 votes each on the final day!!

Matt’s wallboard features a Panic-inspired design for monitoring their ticketing system with light and sound notifications for new ticket submissions and resolutions.

Check out his video and Willow Creek Production System status board for all the details:

Congrats to both Gert-Jan and Matt for the stellar work on their wallboards.

And thank you!

A very special thank you to everyone who participated in the Ultimate Wallboard contest.  Over the four weeks, we received over 85 entries and collected more than 1500 votes.  We hope you found some great inspiration from all of the great submissions to help improve your own wallboards.

But wait, there’s more..

The Ultimate Wallboard panel of experts is currently in the process of reviewing all of the entries and determining the grand prize winners.

Stay tuned to the Atlassian News blog next week as we announce the Best “Old School” Wallboard and, of course, the Ultimate Wallboard.

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