Hasan Diwan writes a cool blog called the Prolific Programmer and it recently caught my eye when I read his quick post about switching from Trac to Jira. We met up at the Coffee Bar last week to discuss Hasan’s move to Jira.
What got you started with Trac?
Trac seemed to be what was used by everyone and their brother at the time I decided that I had too many bugs to keep track of in my head.
Why did you decide to move to Jira?
I had two main issues with Trac that I wanted to resolve. Trac doesn’t support multiple projects per instance and since I participate on numerous projects, setting up a separate instance per project was a nuisance. Next, the new projects I’m working on are all using distributed Source Code Management (SCM) tools and Trac is so deeply tied to Subversion, it doesn’t support any of them. Jira, however, supports all the SCMs I use.
How did you find out about Jira?
I first learned about Atlassian when I began contributing on the Apache commons Jira instance. When I shared my frustrations with Trac to some friends, I learned about the free Jira personal license and decided to make the switch.
Have you been able to set up Jira to your liking?
Yes, I set up Jira to capture all of the issue notifications that I get from the projects I work on. Then I set up an email notification feed in Jira to send a message straight to my Blackberry whenever any issues arise. I take my Open Source contributions seriously, so this set up lets me respond quickly to any new issue. I also set up Jira for a new Facebook App I’m writing with a friend and it works great.
Do you have an interesting story about migrating to Jira? Let us know.

The Prolific Programmer Switches From Trac to Jira...