Atlassian Summit

In a downturn, no one can afford to be inflexible.

– tagline for an all-to-real global financial downturn horror movie.

Even before the economic crisis, customers were finding new and interesting uses for Jira, plugin developers were extending its capabilities, and other companies were building connections to Jira. But odds are, you’re too busy in your day job just trying to get by to take the time to learn about these extensions.
Enter Atlassian Summit and several JIRA-centric sessions that are likely to open your eyes to some new possibilities for new and pragmatic uses for Jira. For example, in the session entitled Three Uses of Jira Beyond Bug Tracking we will feature three customers that are taking Jira beyond bug tracking.
Christina Noren at Splunk has helped turn to Jira into an agile product management tool. She will discuss how they’ve used Jira to help automate product management tasks, such as building the roadmap and defining product requirements, for an agile workflow.
California Casualty
Modha Khammammettu at California Casualty will discuss, among other things, how Jira is being used for better communication and efficient management of their Service Desk.
Barney Bolt of Chordiant will demo CPR (Chordiant Problem Resolution), their customer support tool that integrates with and goes well beyond basic issue tracking to be a more robust, but least costly, solution.
These are just some of the creative ways of extending Jira that customers have pioneered. In slightly more than 1 month, Atlassian Summit will explore the many uses of Jira. Please join us at Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, May 31-June 2 (right before JavaOne), for 2 days of product talks, networking, API discussions and plugin demos, and way more.

The many faces of Jira...