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“The Dundee Arms is Sydney’s fifth oldest pub. Built in the 1840s, it served the ships and warehouses clustered around Darling Harbour and the shopkeepers in the Corn Exchange next door.
Rich in history, the Dundee Arms has been home to many interesting residents including T.J. ‘Buttie’ McMahon – grandfather of Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon, and award-winning artists Rod Shaw, Graeme Inson, and Ivy Shore.
Today the walls are decorated with many paintings and drawings that played part in the pub’s vast history. Visit us for a bar meal or a quiet beverage and make sure you ask the bartender to tell you a tale of yesteryear.”

As of today, the two floors above the Dundee Arms are inhabited by Atlassians! We’re expanding to make room for 32 new engineers, and what better choice of premises than the pub right next door? You don’t find many offices with four different kinds of beer on tap.
The Sydney Morning Herald says “the beer looks absolutely huge” because “the frothy stuff comes in great big whopping pint pots”. In a hot Sydney summer, that’s just the stuff to finish off the week with.
Sound like a great place to work? In addition to making kickass software, Atlassian offers 20% time, a fun entrepreneurial environment, and a holiday before you start. We’re hiring.
Photo copyright Arup Maity.

The Dundee Arms is Open for Business