There is a proverb that “The cobbler’s children go barefoot”, but I’m glad to say that isn’t the case in Atlassian. We use Confluence extensively to collaborate internally, both for knowledge management and information sharing.
One such area is our use of internal News Pages to communicate amongst staff. Rather than having ‘all hands’ e-mail messages filling our in-boxes, the News feature of Confluence is used to discuss everything from product releases to lunchtime sporting events. It’s just like everyone having their own blog!
In fact, as part of our staff induction process, new hires create a News article introducing themselves to the company. The article is kept within their personal space on the wiki, but also appears in our internal RSS feed. Since all staff members subscribe to the feed, the whole company will have read the article within 24 hours.
Furthermore, because the article is retained on the wiki, it is instantly available for searching and future reference. This is great for staff who join at a later date, since they can read all about existing staff members. Compare this to using e-mails, where a staff member joining the next day has no access to the archive of knowledge previously distributed.
We also use News to online host discussions, often leading to heated debate on topics such as programming techniques, new feature requests and where to find the best Laksa. It’s also used to distribute customer feedback to the entire company so that comments are not lost in e-mail inboxes.
So, have a think for a moment about where you keep your information — is it accessible & read widely, or hidden & hard to find?

The Cobbler’s Children...