What an amazing year it’s been!

More team members, cute babies, a marriage, promotions and more! 2010 has brought in more than 1,300 new customers, 110 new plugins, three major releases, lots of new features and a stack of improvements, big, and small.

The team has grown so much they had to take over Jira’s space in the office! Bill moved across the pond to join Sherif in Sydney. Ryan joined the Product Marketing Team in San Francisco. Chris and Stefan had babies. Agnes got married. We introduced Development Team Leads and Jonathan was appointed as the new Confluence Development Manager.

As the new year approaches, let’s take a moment to reflect on highlights of the past year…

3 Killer Features We Gave You in 2010

1. Autocomplete


Who can go past Autcomplete. Shipped in Confluence 3.2, it made creating links, embedding images and docs, and inserting macros in Confluence incredibly fast. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Just remember these three trigger keys and try them out when you’re next editing a page or blog post.

1. [ to create links

2. ! to embed images and documents links

3. { to insert macros

Watch the tutorial video >>


2. Confluence Page Gadget

Did you ever wish you could have Confluence’s powerful content creation capabilities within Jira? Confluence 3.3 made that possible. The Page Gadget lets you embed all your rich wiki content – images, documents, and hundreds of macros – on your Jira dashboards.

conluence 3.3 opensocial page gadget.png

3. Universal Plugin Manager

In Confluence 3.4 we gave admins some love by bundling the Universal Plugin Manager to make managing and discovering plugins, and planning for upgrades a whole lot easier.


Many, Many More Features and Improvements

These are but a few of the many new features we delivered in 2010. See them all on our What’s New page.

Hot New Plugins of 2010

This list is long, very long so I’ve picked a few of my favourites to share with you.

1. Documentation Theme

Created by our very own Jens Schumacher, the Documentation Theme is one of the most loved and highest rated plugins on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. Now bundled with Confluence, it provides an inbuilt table of contents for your wiki space, a configurable header and footer, and text styles suited to documentation. Most importantly, it makes your documentation look great.


2. Zen Foundation

Zen Foundation, from our friends at StepStone, is one of those plugins that makes you go, “WOW!”. It has the potential to completely transform the way your users view and interact with your wiki. It turns Confluence into a chameleon, making it incredibly easy to brand Confluence with rich layouts and presentation options. Go on, see for yourself


3. Scroll Office

It’s never been easier to generate beautifully styled Word documents from your Confluence pages using the Scroll Office plugin from the good guys at k15t. It allows you to collaborate and author your technical documentation in the wiki and generate beautifully styled Word documents with a single click. Don’t believe me? Try it now.

4. Google Docs Connector

New to the Confluence community this year, AppFusions have been pumping out plugins at a blistering rate. One of their most exciting is the Google Docs Connector for Confluence. It makes all your Google Docs, and those shared to you by your colleagues, accessible directly from within Confluence.


Huge Plugin Updates in 2010

1. RefinedWiki Original Theme

Jimmy and Emil at RefinedWiki have been very busy over the past 12 months. They’ve shipped numerous updates of their theme that helps turn Confluence into an Intranet. Most recently they’ve been focused on adding features to accelerate adoption and enhance usability. Did I mention how amazing it looks?


2. TaskDock

TaskDock just keep growing and growing, as does their number of customers. Thier plugin gives Confluence integrated task management and helps re-ignite your content, people and projects. This year they made it possible to tie your tasks in Jira to Confluence. Easily add TaskDock tasks to specific Jira projects and versions from Confluence enabling you to leverage both tools to communicate and manage content creation across a team or organisation.

Taskdock In Action.png

3. Ad hoc Workflows

Over the past three years, Comalatech’s Ad hoc Workflows plugin has helped organizations large and small automate key processes on Confluence. At this year’s Atlassian Summit they announced the Workflows Exchange to provide organizations with ready-to-use workflows for different processes and a place they can discuss best practices and share ideas.


Until Next Year…

Thank you to our customers, new and old, and the extended Confluence community – users, partners, and plugin developers.

There’s no doubt it’s been a big year for Confluence. Next year will be our biggest yet. We have a great team that continues to grow and we’re incredibly excited for what’s to come in 2011.

Happy Holidays and safe New Year from the Confluence Team.

The Best of Confluence 2010...