The Kaizen Projectis a new source of information to assist Agile teams in continually improving their practices and processes. Kaizen is the Japanese word for ‘improvement’ and The Kaizen Project shares best practice stories from around the globe. Topics from innovation to continuous deployment are covered, along with everything in between.

Teams at Atlassian are always looking for, and finding, new ways increase velocity, improve quality and deliver more frequently. Find stories from these Agile teams on The Kaizen Project, and share your own story too! There is a tonne of cool stuff happening in Agile teams around the world and your team is probably trying something new and exciting right now. To get in touch and share your story please send me an email.

You will also want to bookmark the Atlassian Agile series which includes interviews with and guest blogs by Agile practitioners.

The Kaizen Project – Continuous improvement for your Agile team