Last week Atlassian held it’s 23rd ShipIt Day event. Each quarter, staff are encouraged to participate in ShipIt Day by spending 24-hours hacking a project from start to finish. Participants must present their projects immediately following ShipIt Day and staff get to vote on their favorite; the winner gets serious bragging rights and a fancy trophy for their desk. This year’s participants included a new 404 page design for Bitbucket, a gamification project for Jira, and even a new PaaS service prototype for Marketplace developers.

And the winner is…

The ExpertFinder, a prototype aimed to help customer connect with the Atlassian Experts (our value-added reseller and integration partners), and Experts connect with customers. It captured the hearts and minds of our staff who voted it their favorite ShipIt Day #23 project. The winning team dubbed themselves “Pad Kee Mao” (named after their sustenance for 24 hours) and won by popular vote.

Before showing off the solution, let’s take a look at what prompted the project. Currently, if a customer is looking for an Atlassian Expert, they can visit our Expert directory, find an Expert near them or one with the requisite background, and engage with them one at a time. While this is a fine and very typical experience for these types of directories, we knew we can do better to help customers and Experts connect.  For example, it can be tricky for a customer to find an Expert to solve a very specific, custom requirement.

That’s where the ExpertFinder shines. The ExpertFinder is the ODesk for matching Atlassian customers with Experts. It would allow users to submit details, requirements, and specs about their project, which would then be presented on a private portal for Experts to review, comment, and bid on.

It looks a little something like this:



To build the project, the team collaborated on, naturally, Hipchat and Confluence. First, they created user stories and then developed simple mockups using the Balsamiq for Confluence add-on.


To save time in development, the team used code from a 20% time project written in Django, which already had some basic CRUD functionality as well as Django REST frameworkBootstrapFont Awesome, and other open source components. Once all the underlying database models were wired up, they could focus on the frontend by wiring up the forms and content. This was made easier thanks to the mockups. The last hour of ShipIt was spent at breakneck speed styling Bootstrap to look like the Atlassian’s Design Guidelines.

Here’s what the final form looked like when it was presented for ShipIt Day.


Congrats to the ExpertFinder team!

From left to right…

  • Ken Olofsen – international man of mystery and ideas
  • Emily Posner – designer and mocker upper
  • Dennis Kromhout van der Meer – community developer and code slinger
  • Linh Bui – mover and shaker
  • Adam Saint-Prix – mastermind and soothsayer

The ExpertFinder- Winner of San Francisco ShipIt Day - Atlassian Blogs 2013-07-03 10-06-50



One thing is for certain: it was an awesome, innovative ShipIt Day solution developed in just 24-hours. And it’s kicked off discussion here as to whether it’s a solution we should invest further time in. What do you think?

Read more about our most recent ShipIt Day, including about some of the other projects from the day. Ready to run your own ShipIt? Be sure to check out our FAQs before you start.

The ExpertFinder: Winner of San Francisco ShipIt Day