The Bamboo Task Master Challenge provided the community with some great new Bamboo Task plugins, but there could only be one winner.

The Task Master

The winner, the champ, the Bamboo Task Master is…

This was a very close vote and a huge congrats goes out to Maxim Kuzmich and the Stiltsoft team.

What does the Bamboo VMware Task do? Many Bamboo users utilize virtual environments (VMware) to help power their CI process, but they do not need to be powered on all the time. By adding this Task to your Bamboo build (Job), you can start and stop your virtual machine only when it is needed by your build.

The Entries

There were many useful entries into the contest that are worth a mention:

Ruby Task

Using Rake / Ruby / rSpec? This plugin provides support from Bamboo with a simple Task. We have already seen this Task improved since it was first entered in the Atlassian Plugin Exchange (and the contest).

Groovy Task

Get more from Bamboo if you are using Groovy, Gant, and GINT with the Bamboo Groovy Task. This Task has already found some great uses internally at Atlassian.

JMX Task

This Tasks allows you to invoke a Management Bean on a Java Application using JMX, so Java apps can expose these management beans and give statistics or system administration functionality. One of our judges stated that “After automation, the next step is gathering metrics and statistics to learn from it. This could be later hooked into monitoring systems as well.”

IDE Talk Plugin

If you are using Intellij IDEA IDE Talk, you can now get notification about your build. Use this Task to send notifications about build state to your chat client. Add the Task and stay notified!

Deployit Task

Speed up your development process by adding automated deployment to your continuous integration setup, and make the first step towards continuous deployment and continuous delivery.

Instead of deployment being a bottleneck to your development process, it will be an integrated part of it. You can test your application on the target platform as soon as possible and find any platform incompatibility and deployment issues early on. When it’s finally time to deploy to the production environment, your deployment will be quick and reliable.

The Deployit product gives you a UI from the Deployit product to setup and automate your CD process.

Amazon Web Services Task

The Bamboo AWS Plugin adds a Task to create and manage a collection of related Amazon Web Services resources via AWS CloudFormation.

From previous posts we mentioned several useful Tasks with external systems:

Twitter Task

This plugin is awesome for those of you running open source projects or public Bamboo instances. Use the Bamboo Tweet Task to automatically tweet when a new version has just been built.

For those of you who may not want to tweet publicly, you can connect your Bamboo instance to a twitter account which can only be viewed by your developers to add another notification method for your team.

Twilio Task

Sometimes you just need to make 100% sure you are notified of a build failure – SMS anyone? Bamboo Sesame Tea sends an SMS message using Twilio on execution to notify you (and your team) of the state of your builds.

Installing Tasks

Use the Bamboo Plugin Manager to see a list of available Tasks or navigate to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Install or upload the Task to get going. From there you are ready to automate.

Fork or Build a Task

The contest is over, but that does not mean you can’t fork or build a Task.

If you find any of the Tasks above useful, but maybe want more, fork away and contribute. Many of the Task are hosted on Bitbucket – Atlassian source code hosting tool.

Have an idea for a Task? Need help? A step-by-step walk-through of creating tasks is available. Or post your questions on the Atlassian support community and the Bamboo team can lend a hand with your Task questions.

Congrats to the Bamboo Task Master and thank you to everyone who contributed to the competition.


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