This is a guest blog post by Dennis Gurock, creator of TestRail, a web-based test management software that integrates very well with Jira. In this guest posting Dennis will explain what TestRail is, how it integrates with Jira and why you will want to try it.

Integrate, not Reinvent

When we started to design our test management software, TestRail, we knew that we wanted to build a solution that integrates well with existing tools and issue trackers. We didn’t want to make the same mistake most vendors make: reinventing the wheel and building their own defect and issue tracking module and then trying to “sync” their database with Jira. Instead, we wanted to build a tool that integrates well with the workflow of successful software development teams and make sure that TestRail works well with their existing tools such as Jira.

The result is a web-based test management tool that has been optimized for productivity and usability. TestRail allows software teams to manage, organize and track their software testing efforts. You can organize and capture your test cases and test suites, execute test runs, create test plans, and manage milestones and projects. Team leads can also assign tests to individual team members, testers can track and work off their to-dos, and email notifications help team members stay informed about test changes. TestRail also comes with useful reports and statistics, including a unique scheduling system that can forecast your test completion date based on estimates and historical test data.


Easy Bug Report Pushing to Jira

One of the features we are most excited about, however, is the defect and issue tracker integration with tools such as Jira. Our TestRail defect plugin for Jira test management allows testers to easily push bug reports to Jira or to jump to Jira’s New Issue form. It’s also possible to look up the status of issues and bug reports without having to leave TestRail. As TestRail doesn’t enforce any specific processes and because it comes with a lightweight application structure, you can work with TestRail and Jira regardless of the methodology you use (e.g. agile or traditional development cycles).


TestRail integrates with Jira by making use of Jira’s web API. This makes it possible to use and integrate TestRail with both self-hosted Jira installations as well as with Jira Studio. We also provide the full source code of the defect plugin for Jira and have extensive documentation on our website, allowing you to customize the integration and adapt it to your needs. For example, it’s possible to work with custom Jira fields or to implement a user mapping between your issue tracker and TestRail, and we provide examples for both scenarios.

Getting Started with a Free Trial

If you are interested in a lightweight web-based test management tool that works well with Jira and that comes with unique features, I recommend taking a look at TestRail. We also provide a free 30 day trial version of TestRail, either hosted on our servers or for download. Get started with TestRail in minutes – no sales person request required!

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