Atlassian’s technical writers are holding our second Doc Sprint on the 4th and 5th of November 2010. It’s happening in Sydney, in San Francisco and online and you’re invited! If you can’t join us in person, you can drop in on our daily webinar sessions, follow the buzz in our online chat room and subscribe to our email list.


What is a Doc Sprint?

A Doc Sprint is a short (two-day) event when a group of people collaborate and focus on writing a specific set of documentation.

What’s our second Doc Sprint about?

This Doc Sprint will focus on user-targeted ‘quick start’ and ‘how to’ guides for Atlassian applications.

Have you ever looked through our documentation and thought:

  • This is great stuff to help me get started. However, wouldn’t it be even better if there were simple ‘quick start guides’ aimed at administrators and business users of Jira / GreenHopper / Confluence / Fisheye and Crucible / Bamboo …, or

  • This documentation tells me about all of these awesome product features, but how do I use them to meet my specific business requirements? For example, ‘How do I set up a workflow for my support team in Jira?’, ‘How do I do Scrum/Kanban with GreenHopper?’, etc.

Do you have a simple or novel way of getting started with an Atlassian application or using it in an ingenious way? Well, here’s your opportunity to let others know about it!

What will you get out of participating?


  • Eternal recognition as author
    Your name will be displayed as the author of your work on the Atlassian documentation wiki.

  • A groovy Doc Sprint T-Shirt
    We love our T-Shirts at Atlassian. Our designers are coming up with one just for this event. You’ll receive a Doc Sprint T-Shirt for your valuable contribution!

  • Kudos from Atlassian’s tech writers
    We’ll write about the results of the event on the Atlassian blog and we’ll add you to the Doc Sprint Hall of Fame.

  • Chocolate
    Indubitably, there will be chocolate in there somewhere.

Join us!

So come and join the Atlassian tech writers. We’re the dudes that write the docs that rock. Help us get our documentation up to your own exacting standards. Take a look at the details, pick a chocolate middle name and sign up.

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