The Team Calendars development team is on a break-neck pace, putting new features in your hands every two weeks. We’re excited to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.5 – is available for download now!

Kick-start New User Adoption

Over the last few releases we’ve delivered a handful of new features, features you’ve asked for. To aid discoverability of those new features, when users create a new calendar they’ll be prompted with a dialog to take further action on the calendar.

Team Calendars 1.5 Screenshot - Action Dialog.001.png

Contextual Help

These actions are contextually adjusted depending on the type of calendar created – People, Event, Jira, or subscriptions. The actions are clickable – for example, clicking the Restrict will launch the calendar’s Restrictions dialog – where users can chose who has the permission to view and edit the calendar.

Smarter Calendar Sharing

Have you ever tried to share a calendar with someone that doesn’t have permission to view it? Never again. We injected some smarts into the Share dialog so it lets you know if your calendar has any restrictions so you can make sure that all your recipients have appropriate restrictions before sharing the calendar with them.

Team Calendars 1.5 Screenshot - Share Dialog.002.png

Can’t keep up with all the new features?

The Team Calendars development team has been very busy bringing you more and more features so that you can have an awesome calendaring experience. Here’s a quick review of what we’ve been up to, in case you missed it.

Enjoy, and learn to expect even more, faster, from this team!

What are you waiting for?

With an average of 61 downloads a day and 1,893 new teams – like Facebook, Skype, Workday, and HTC – using Team Calendars to schedule their leave, track projects, and plan events, Team Calendars is only getting stronger. Try it today!



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