Just one month after launching Team Calendars 1.0, a brand-new add-on for Confluence, we’re psyched to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.1 – is available for download now!

Staying-up-to-date just got easier

Staying up-to-date on key events has gotten a lot easier in Team Calendars 1.1. You asked for email notifications and we’ve delivered, but that’s not all you get in this release. We’ve already shared 5 improvements, so in this post we’ll look at a few other new features that many of you asked for.

1. Watch important calendars

Just like Pages and Blogs, you can now Watch the People and Event calendars that are most important to you – like your team’s leave calendar, and support roster.


Why would you want to watch a calendar?

2. Receive timely email notifications

If you are watching a calendar you’ll be notified by email whenever a new event is created or an existing event is edited. When watching a calendar you’ll be notified:

  • When a new event is created
  • An existing event is edited
  • An existing event is deleted
  • The entire calendar is deleted

If you’re tracking your team’s leave with People calendars, you’ll always know why a colleague is not in the office. Or, if your scheduling training sessions with Event calendars, no one will have an excuse for not showing up!


You’ll even be notified of changes to calendars embedded in pages that you’re watching.


3. Recover deleted calendars

There are times when you may want to recover a calendar that had been deleted in the past. Whenever you delete an entire calendar, Confluence will now email a backup file to anyone subscribed to that calendar. You can later use this file to restore the calendar if necessary.


4. Support for German and French

Have you or your users changed the default language in Confluence to German or French? No problem, Team Calendars can handle that!

We’re working on having Team Calendars available on Atlassian Translations so we can support more languages in a future release.


Even more improvements

These are just some of the many new features and improvements in Team Calendars 1.1. See our release notes for the complete list.

Are you using Team Calendars?

With an average of 55 downloads a day and 533 new teams – like Facebook, Workday, Sony, and HTC –  using Team Calendars to schedule their leave, track projects, and plan events, Team Calendars is going from strength to strength.

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Team Calendars 1.1 Released – Now with Email...