Christopher Walken once famously proclaimed, “Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cow bell!”. Well the only prescription for our development team’s fever, is more features. We’re excited to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.4 – is available for download now and it’s compatible with Confluence 4.0!

Introducing Edit Restrictions

If you liked the added security of managing the view restrictions in Team Calendars 1.3, you’ll love our latest release. Now you can manage a calendar’s edit restrictions giving you complete control over who can and can’t see your calendar, and exactly who can edit and contribute to your calendar too.

You can define viewing and editing restrictions for any People or Event Calendar. However, Jira Calendars inherit the permissions scheme as defined in Jira. To access the ‘Restrictions’ dialog, visit the calendar dropdown, as seen below.

Team Calendars 1.png

Manage restrictions by group or user

Similar to Page Restrictions in Confluence, you can define view and edit restrictions for Team Calendars for Confluence groups and individual users. If a group or user does not have permission to view a calendar, they will not be able to edit the calendar.

Team Calendars 2.png

How can restrictions help you?

For many teams, security is key. With restrictions you can keep any calendar as open or closed as you like.

  • Hide calendars from other teams using Confluence.
  • Hide calendars from your customers if using Confluence as a public site.
  • Hide calendars from contractors working in your team or organization.
  • Allow colleagues to view a calendar, but not edit it’s details or events.

With restrictions, you are in complete control of your team’s calendars.

Can’t keep up with all the new features?

The Team Calendars development team has been very busy bringing you more and more features so that you can have an awesome calendaring experience. Here’s a quick review of what we’ve been up to, in case you missed it.

Enjoy, and learn to expect even more, faster, from this team!

What are you waiting for?

With an average of 60 downloads a day and 1,609 new teams – like Facebook, Skype, Workday, and HTC – using Team Calendars to schedule their leave, track projects, and plan events, Team Calendars is only getting stronger. Try it today!


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