If you couldn’t tell, our development team is focused on bringing you new features, fast. Just two weeks after launching Team Calendars 1.1, were excited to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.2 – is available for download now!

This release focuses on extending the notification features added in Team Calendars 1.1, improving localization support and making general user interface improvements.

More Informative E-mail Notifications

With improved e-mail notifications, you can tie the knot even tighter between Team Calendars, Confluence, and your e-mail client.

1. Source your calendar notifications 

Sometimes you might wonder why you’re getting notifications about events on a Team Calendar? You might forget that you’re watching the calendar or not realized that it’s embedded on a page you’re watching. To solve this problem, email notifications will now tell you why you are receiving the notification.

Team Calendars 1.2 ScreenShots Take 2.001.png

2. More info about repeating events

Notifications in Team Calendars 1.2 give you all the details you need about repeating events, including:

  • Repeat frequency – If it repeats daily, every weekday, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Repeat interval – If it, for example, repeats every 2 weeks or every month.
  • End date – When the event stops repeating.

Team Calendars 1.2 Screenshots.003.png

Autowatch for Calendars

Now Team Calendars makes the same simple assumption that Confluence does: If you have a stake in a calendar, then you will want to know when that calendar changes.

1. Autowatch calendars you create

If you create a new calendar, you’ll automatically watch that calendar and start receiving notifications when events are added, moved, or deleted. Now you can stay up to date on the events that are important to you and your team.

2. Watch calendars you subscribe to

You can create personalized and informative calendar mashups in ‘My Calendar’ that allow you to stay informed about everything you care about and nothing you don’t. You can take your personal command center for team activity one step further by automatically watching any calendar you subscribe to. Now you’ll never miss an event on a calendar you care about!

Team Calendars 1.2 Screenshots.002.png

Improved Internationalization

In Team Calendars 1.1 we added support for additional languages, but Team Calendars 1.2 adds a number of features that will help your team, no matter what time zone, stay on the same page.

1. First Day of the Week

Thanks, Christian Neureiter, for reporting a much needed improvement! Team Calendars now automatically updates the first day of your work week based on your language settings.

Month View - TC 1.2.001.png

2. Date Format

Whether you go by mm/dd, dd/mm, or any other date configuration, Team Calendars will display your preference based on your language settings in Confluence. No matter where you’re based, you’ll never get confused with date formats again.

Try it Now!

With an average of 55 downloads a day and 533 new teams – like Facebook, Workday, Sony, and HTC – using Team Calendars to schedule their leave, track projects, and plan events, Team Calendars is going from strength to strength.

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