For Ford it was the Model T, for Reebok it was Pumps, for Apple it was the iPod, and for Facebook it was the Like button. Now it’s Team Calendars’ turn to change the game. Team Calendars 3 gives you one vision of your team, events, and Jira projects so you can plan for the future like never before.

Introducing Timeline – A bird’s-eye view of your team

Calendars typically display events month by month or week by week. These views are sufficient for planning personal appointments and meetings, but when it comes to visualizing your team’s schedule they don’t provide the scale or vision required to work efficiently as a team.

Ever been told to look at the bigger picture? Well, now you can. View your upcoming events, planned team leave, and scheduled projects 3 months at a time – perfect for quarterly planning. Check it out:


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Introducing date ranges for Jira Issues

Did you really think we were done? This wouldn’t be Team Calendars 3.0 if we didn’t satisfy one of your top voted feature requests – Show a date range in a Jira calendar. Seeing into Jira has never been this easy.

Atlassian Confluence - Team Calendars 3 - Timeline View

Planning a release? Piece of cake.

Combine the new Timeline view with the power of start and end dates, throw in your team’s planned leave, and you’ve got a kick-ass release planning tool. Simplify everything by visualizing what can happen, when, and by whom. It’s never been easier to communicate to stakeholders when releases are coming up and how they impact other projects.

Atlassian Confluence - Team Calendars 3 - Timeline View

Scheduling system changes? Walk in the park.

It’s not just for development teams, IT teams use Jira to track changes and scheduled outages too. Scheduled deployments, upgrades or system outages – Team Calendars has you covered.

Atlassian Confluence - Team Calendars 3 - Timeline View

Tracking team leave? No sweat.

Do you know anyone that likes working with traditional HR systems? Me neither. It can be nightmare finding out who’s in the office and who’s out. The combination of Jira and Team Calendars provides a light-weight workflow that enables teams to approve team leave and travel requests. It’s quite simple really…

  1. Request leave by creating an issue in Jira
  2. Specify your first day (start date) and last day (end date) out of the office
  3. Get approval from the powers that be
  4. Visualize everyone’s planned leave in Team Calendars

Don’t just take our word for it

Atlassian Confluence - Team Calendars 3 - Timeline View

Atlassian Confluence - Team Calendars 3 - Timeline View

Team Calendars in review

With so many releases, it can be hard to keep up on the latest and greatest. You may have missed some of the seriously awesome features, so here’s a quick look at some of the highlights of past releases:

See even more reasons why over 1,400 companies – like Facebook, Skype, Workday, and HTC use Team Calendars to schedule their team leave, track their Jira projects, and plan events.

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    Team Calendars for Confluence - Wiki Calendar
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    Team Calendars for Confluence - Wiki Calendar
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    Team Calendars for Confluence - Wiki Calendar

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Introducing the Timeline View – Available Today ...