Summit Spotlight: TaskDock for Confluence now integrates with Jira

This is a guest post by Erik Eccles from TaskDock. Announced at Atlassian Summit 2010, the latest release of the task management plugin allows you to seamlessly create tasks within Confluence and have corresponding issues created and synced in Jira. This post will describe the different features of this integration accompanied by screenshots and a short video.

TaskDock lets people engage using the tools they use on a daily basis to get their work done; email, Confluence, Jira or any combination of the three. Now you can easily add TaskDock tasks to specific Jira projects and versions from Confluence. This new feature enables you to leverage both tools to communicate and manage content creation across a team or organisation.

Create issues in your bug tracker from your enterprise wiki

Imagine you are working within a technical team on a new feature for your product, or within a marketing team on a new landing page for your website. For the content owner in Confluence, it’s now quick and seamless to invite stakeholders to comment on mockups and specifications on your wiki page by creating a TaskDock task. Once you’ve communicated the task, the assignees begin their engagement from where they live today. For those who live in the inbox, TaskDock allows them to comment or add attachments to your wiki page by replying to an email notification.

For the developers tracking their work in Jira, the requester can add a task to a specific Jira project and fix version from the same Confluence page. Issues are automatically created and synced within Jira so that developers can maintain a single queue of tasks between the systems. As the content owner, you now have totally transparency around your content and the actions you’ve requested from people while engaging them from their preferred communication channel.

With the newest release you can also customise the task type in TaskDock to be even more specific. For example, Spec Review, Update Mock, or Change Approval can now be part of every task.

Give me the skinny

A quick summary of the Jira integration:

  • Easier than email to communicate tasks around content
  • Enabling people to engage preferred communication channels like Jira and email
  • Tighten the feedback loop with automated follow-up and completion notifications
  • Gain transparency and accountability around your content and projects in Confluence and most importantly;
  • Make Confluence the center of the universe for knowledge in your organization

Tell me more

The Jira integration enables you to assign a project or fix version to any TaskDock task and have it automatically create a Jira issue. Project and fix version data is updated real time to maintain consistency between systems.

TaskDock maps user ID’s confirming the assignee exists in Jira. TaskDock’s Jira integration also integrates with Crowd to provide an even better experience. This maintains the correct reporter and assignee status in Jira. One advantage with TaskDock is that multiple assignee tasks create and manage individual issues for each user in Jira. This is a great way to quickly assign and track Jira issues across a team.

Customize the flow by assigning custom issue types and priorities in Jira to tasks created in Confluence using TaskDock. Examples issue types are content review, Confluence task, and more. Furthermore, our Confluence actions can also be chosen when creating a task. Things like commenting, editing pages, and more can now be part of the issue in Jira.

Report on TaskDock tasks in Confluence via their project and fix version in Jira. Even better, with TaskDock tasks synced to Jira you also get to include them within Jira reporting.

Lastly, when an issue is updated in Jira or TaskDock it updates the synced task real time avoiding double entry and keeping the process seamless. A great example is when someone completes a task to comment in Confluence our automated task follow-up recognizes the task is complete and marks the issue done without anything further needed in either system.

I’m already using TaskDock, how do I set this up?

Setting up the integration between Jira and Confluence takes just a few minutes. Download and install the Jira plugin and follow these instructions.

I’m new to TaskDock, where can I try this out?

Try TaskDock today by visiting the Confluence Sandbox.

Want to start using it today? Download a FREE 30 day trial.

Been using the {tasklist} macro to manage your tasks? Quickly convert your existing tasks to TaskDock.

Starter License Holders can get the TaskDock Starter Pack license FREE with a suggested further donation of $10.

Help us, help you

TaskDock is always eager to hear and learn from the Atlassian Community. If you have ideas feel free to drop us a note at

* TaskDock is freely available for Atlassian non-profit and OSS license holders. Please request a license via our contact page by providing your Confluence Server ID and user count.

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