Atlassian and Tangosol are working closely to release the next generation enterprise wiki. While currently only available as a developer’s release, the general release of Confluence Massive (v2.3), will be announced in a few weeks. Wikis for the enterprise have grown in popularity. Many of our customers have watched Confluence spread in their organisations from one group to dozens, from dozens of users to thousands (check out our case studies). With Tangosol, the equation can be multiplied many times over. Organisations will be able to cluster Confluence for tens of thousands of users. Continue reading the full press release.

Atlassian Software Systems announced today that it is integrating Tangosol Coherence Data Grid with Atlassian Confluence, the enterprise wiki. Coherence will provide Confluence with distributed caching and messaging, enabling the development of the upcoming clustered Confluence server, Confluence Massive.
Confluence is used by over 1,700 organisations of all sizes in more than 40 countries to collaborate, share knowledge, and manage content. With Tangosol Coherence, Confluence customers will be able to scale their wiki to tens of thousands of users. The optional clustered configuration not only provides massive scalability, but also improves reliability and enhances performance for large-scale wikis.
“We guarantee our customers 100% uptime of their most critical infrastructure, because their business decisions, financial performance, and customer satisfaction depend on absolute information availability,

Tangosol and Atlassian Increase Reliability and Av...