As a newbie at Atlassian and a new Jira user, I found it interesting to learn about the Jira slang that is evolving behind business walls. It has been exposed on the weblog of Nathan Lee and in a posting on Cliffano’s blog, “When “Jira’ Replaced the Word ‘Issue’ “. Thanks to the creative Jira users and to these blogs, I’ve learned some of the lingo terms. And, in the spirit jiractivism (and a member of the collaboration world), let me share a few interesting words and definitions taken directly from Nathan’s dictionary:

  • jiraslap – when you re-assign an issue back to the twit who mistakenly assigned it to you (with suitably grumpy comment) indicating they should have done it themselves.
  • delejiration – delegation via jira (as in “it’s not my problem, I don’t see the issue on my list”)
  • jirritation – annoyance at jira issues being logged to you

If you like the sound of these, I’ll toss out one more for consideration: jiralang. It’s just got a catchy sound. Of course we use Jira in-house and I’m eager to use the slang. Maybe even create some more words of my own. From now on, I’m keeping an eye out for new jiralang. If you have any new terms, please share them. I’d love to be fluent.
Thanks for reading.

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