Grads 2010.pngWow, this year has gone by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that we had a group of outstanding graduate developers join Atlassian. Last year’s new graduates have been involved in writing some awesome software that is now being used by millions of Atlassian users worldwide.
We have recently opened the applications for this year’s graduate intake and we would love to invite this year’s graduating students to apply. The opportunities at Atlassian are endless and we are looking forward to keep growing our company with the help of your new ideas and enthusiasm to change the world of development!
This year Atlassian has expanded its Graduate Program. Aside from Graduate Developer Positions, we would also like to invite you to apply for our Graduate Technical Support Engineer positions. In the Atlassian Support Engineer role, you will work closely with the development team and resolve gnarly issues for technical users. Therefore, a solid background in engineering is essential. Also, Graduate Positions are now open in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Our selection process:

Go to the appropriate graduate position listing on our careers page you wish to apply for and click ‘Apply for this job’. This will direct you to an online form that will require you to fill out your contact details. Remember to include:

  • cover letter – your cover letter helps us understand why you would be a good fit for Atlassian, so take the time to personalise it and tell us about yourself
  • resume – your resume should be no more than 2 pages long and give us a good idea of your skills, experience and interests
  • academic record


Interviews will take place at our offices and will be completed in one day timeframe. Depending on which role you apply for, there will be several steps to the interview process. This will include a technical test of your skills and face-to-face interviews. Once you have submitted your application we will send you more details about the process.

Working with us

Atlassian’s Graduate Program does not involve you rotating between different departments or going through weeks of boring training before getting on with the ‘real work’. We will assign you to a product team, and from the start you will be working on supporting, creating and enhancing product features that will be rolled out to millions of users across the world
During the program, we will assign a senior person to you who will be giving you expert training. Also, you will be lined up with a buddy who will introduce you to the company. For the rest you will be treated as any other employee would and assigned to a team where you will get to know the ins and outs of our products by working on them first hand and learning from the brightest team in the country. Graduate Developers will be given the opportunity of participating in the Atlassian ShipIt Days and will get 20% of your time to work on your new ideas. You will be given the opportunity to learn from peer mentoring, as well as the opportunity for financial assistance if you wish to continue with more formal studies.
Learn more about Life at Atlassian.
Applications are open now on our Grads @ Atlassian website.

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