We’re less than 72 hours away from the Codegeist 2009 deadline and the tension is growing. Since yesterday’s post, Communardo, submitted their rather impressive Confluence NotifyAndTag Plugin that addsTwitter-like functionality like @replies and #hashtags to Confluence pages. Check out the slideshare below:

There are also a number of strong contenders for the Best Theme category. Check them out:
Confluence Intranet Theme by Lukas Karrer
Confluence’s default theme is great for wiki-like information structures (networks). For more hierarchically structured content (as found in intranets) using menu based navigation makes content much more accessible. This is where the Intranet Theme comes in.
Confluence Paper Theme by Simon Chong
The Paper theme is a simple fixed width theme that emulates reading a piece of paper.
Confluence TechTime Blog Theme by Ed Letifov
See screenshot below…a picture’s worth a thousand words.
SocialConfluence by Sean Winter
SocialConfluence is a theme package developed to bring out the social nature of Confluence. We all know Confluence is a fantastic wiki. This theme builds upon that adding a new look and feel and drives users more to the social features including status updates, networks, profiles and blogs.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a theme or a plugin for Coedgeist, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED. You still have until This Sunday 4pm San Francisco (or Monday 10AM Sydney time) time to code something up! See the Codegeist 2009 website to get started.

Sweet Confluence *Skins* from Codegeist 2009...