As we approach the submission deadline for Codegeist 2009 the entries keep rolling in. As of the time I write this, we have 13 impressive Confluence plugins all vying for a $5,000 prize. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the Confluence plugins folks have submitted:

All of these plugins are licensed under the Apache 2 License or BSD license so you’ll have access them all for free!

Confluence FlotChart by David Chui
FlotChart is an interactive Confluence charting plugin. Charts are generated on the fly in the browser. You can manipulate the chart. You can do stuff like toggling data series on and off and zoom in and out of charts.
Confluence Tagcumulus Plugin Herman de Boer
Macro {tagcumulus} shows the global popular labels (or the popular labels in a space) displayed in a cumulus, a turning 3D ‘ball’ – a sphere, using a flash object.

Confluence Page History Slider Plugin by David Chui
The Page History Slider provides users the ability to visualize differences between previous versions of a page in full rendered view.
Confluence Tasklist Suppliers Plugin by David Peterson
The Tasklist Suppliers Plugin allows reporting on tasks created with the Dynamic Tasklist Plugin

Confluence Archiving Plugin by Ferenc Kiss
The Confluence Archiving Plugin archives pages that have not been updated for a long time (automatic archiving) or have been labeled with archive or archive-single (manual archiving).
Confluence Menu Manager Plugin by David Peterson
Confluence Menu Manager is an plugin that allows administrators to enable or disable menu items across Confluence.
PeopleDirectoryAccessControl Plugin by Cathleen McGuire</big
The PeopleDirectoryAccessControl functions similar to a firewall in that it restricts external users from accessing a company’s internal People Directory and internal Personal Spaces.

Confluence SU by Andy Brook
Confluence SU enables system administrators to become another user (to ‘su’ in Linux speak), enable setup, testing etc. This plugin operates the same way as the Jira SU Plugin does.
Confluence Sudo by Dan Hardiker
The Sudo Plugin performs the same function as the Unix sudo command for Confluence allowing specified users to impersonate other users without requiring their password.
After Sudo.png

Sweet Confluence Plugins from Codegeist 2009...