frevvo-logo.jpegThis is a guest blog post submitted by Frevvo, showing how Confluence can be instrumented with forms and workflows.

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Confluence is a powerful tool that enables employees to collaborate and share knowledge on your intranet. But Confluence by itself does not support common tasks organizations perform, such as surveys, event registrations, vacation requests workflows, and expense reports.

What if your marketing employees could create a Confluence page, add a webinar registration form to it, view the registrations in Confluence or download them to Excel with zero IT involvement?

And what if an employee could submit a vacation request or an expense report by filling out a form in Confluence, automatically routing to the correct manager for approval?

Forms in Confluence

The latest release of Live Forms™ for Confluence allows your users to easily create forms and deploy them without ever leaving Confluence. There is no programming involved; users create forms by clicking simple menu items in Confluence.

Clicking Add > Form opens a visual designer, where users can drag and drop controls to create their forms. The forms can automatically enforce required fields and ensure that data is valid. Form submissions are stored and viewable in Confluence and downloadable into Microsoft Excel. Email notifications can also be configured.

The video below shows how easy it is to add a form and view the results in Confluence.

Workflows in Confluence

Users can also drag & drop to create workflows, view their task list in Confluence, digitally sign and approve forms all without ever leaving Confluence. The video below shows how to easily create and use a workflow in Confluence.

Want to get more out of Confluence today?

Click here to learn more or to download a free 30-day trial of Live Forms for Confluence. Or register for a webinar on Wednesday February 2, 2011, where we will demonstrate creating forms and workflows in Confluence with Live Forms for Confluence.

Surveys, Event Registrations, and Expense Report W...